Aluminum alloy acoustic air duct

Short Description:

Duct diameter range: 4″-20″

Pressure Rating: ≤2000Pa

Temperature range: ≤200℃

Duct length: to be customized!

Product Detail

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Aluminum alloy acoustic air duct

Structure Inner pipe: aluminum alloy flexible air duct, with micro-perforation on pipe wall.
Barrier layer Polyester film or non-woven fabric(if insulated with polyester cotton, then there is no barrier layer.)
Insulation layer Glass wool/polyester cotton
Jacket Aluminum alloy flexible air duct.
End opening End cap connected with triple lock mechanic joint.
Connection method Socket connection(seal with rubber ring)


Fireproof performance: Class A, non-combustible; beautiful appearance with long service life.

Applicable occasions

New-air ventilation system; and outdoor.

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