How to Design the Ventilation Ducting of the Fresh Air System?

How to Design the Ventilation Ducting of the Fresh Air System?

Now many people will install the fresh air system, because the advantages of the fresh air system are too many, it can provide people with fresh air, and it can also adjust the indoor humidity. The fresh air system consists of many parts. The design and cleaning of the ventilation ducts of the fresh air system are very important.

1. In order to make the air duct of the designed fresh air system to achieve the lowest wind resistance and noise, the connection between the fresh air output port, the exhaust air output port and the host should be connected by installing a muffler or using a soft connection.

Acoustic Air Duct


Flexible joint


Soft connection

2. For the main unit of the fresh air system installed on the ceiling, a shock absorber should be installed on the boom.

Boom isolation gasket (red)

3. The main unit of the fresh air system and the metal air duct should be insulated.


4. Selection of the location of the air outlet of the fresh air system: in principle, it should be uniform to ensure that the indoor fresh air volume can reach a balance. It is not suitable to open the air outlet: the tail of the air duct, the turning point and the variable diameter.

5. Installation of the air valve of the fresh air system: The air volume control valve must be installed at the junction of the main air pipe and the branch pipe at the proximal end and the end, and the air flow guide plate or the air volume control valve can be used in the middle of the pipeline system.

6. Flanges should be used to connect the ducts of the fresh air system, and rubber filler strips should be added.

7. When the main unit of the fresh air system is used for concealed installation, a maintenance and inspection port must be reserved.

The inspection port is convenient for a robot equipped with a camera to enter the pipeline to record the pollution status in the air duct; then, according to the architectural drawings of the house, the pipeline cleaning construction plan is formulated in detail with the customer;

cleaning robot

When cleaning, open construction holes in the appropriate parts of the air duct (put the robot in and block the airbags), and then plug the two ends of the pipeline with the sealing airbags on the outside of the two opening positions; use a hose to connect the dust collector to one of the construction. hole, to generate a negative pressure airflow in the air duct, so that dust and dirt can be sucked into the dust collector; choose an appropriate cleaning brush, and use a pipe cleaning robot or a flexible shaft brush to clean the pipe; after cleaning, the robot will take pictures and record, Confirm the cleaning quality.

When the cleaning quality is approved, spray disinfectant in the cleaned pipes; clean and move the cleaning equipment to the next pipe for cleaning; re-close the opening with the same material; clean and repair the damaged moisturizing layer of the air duct; clean the construction site to ensure Construction did not bring pollution.

Post time: Nov-03-2022