How to maintain flexible Aluminum aire duct?

Flexible Aluminum foil air duct is widely used in the buildings for HAVC, heating or ventilation system. It is just like anything else we are using, it needs maintenance, at least once a year. You can do it by yourselves, but a better choice is asking some professional guys to do it for you.

You may doubt why they need to be maintained. Mainly two points: On one hand is for the health of those living in the building. Regular maintenance for the air ducts could improve the air quality inside the building, less dirt and bacterial in the air. On the other, saving cost in a long term, regular maintenance can keep the ducts clean and reducing it resistance to airflow, then saves power for boosters; What's more, regular maintenance can prolong the using life of the ducts, then saves your money for replacing the ducts.

How to maintain flexible Aluminum aire duct

Then, how to do the maintenance? If you do by yourselves, the following tips might be useful:
1. Doing some necessary preparation before you start to maintain your flexible air duct, basically you need a face mask, a pair of gloves, a pair of glasses, an apron and a vacuum cleaner. Face mask, gloves, glasses and apron are for protecting yourself from the dust coming out; and vacuum cleaner is for cleaning the dust inside the flexible duct.
2. First step, check the appearance of the flexible duct to see if there is any broken part in the pipe. If it is just broken in the protection sleeve, you can repair it with Aluminum foil tape. If it is broken in all layers of the duct, then it has to be cut and reconnected with connectors.
3. Disconnect the one end of the flexible air duct, and insert the hose of the vacuum cleaner then clean the inside air duct.
4. Reinstall the disconnected end after cleaning inside and put the duct back to the right location.

Post time: May-30-2022