Design Features of Circular Flanging Non-metallic Expansion Joint!

fabric expansion joint

Circular flanging non-metallic expansion joint and rectangular non-metallic skin are a kind of non-metallic fabric skin. Compared with the ordinary hemming expansion joint skin, during production, the workshop needs to make round or square corners for easy installation according to the drawings. The production process is more complicated. Non-metallic skin is a new type of high-tech thermal insulation material composed of glass fiber fabric and silica gel coated glass fiber fabric and other fireproof and high temperature resistant cloth. Compared with metal materials, the comprehensive performance of non-metal materials such as high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and chemical stability has far exceeded that of metal materials. The disadvantage of non-metallic flexible fabric skins is that they cannot be used in high-pressure environments. Generally speaking, in environments exceeding 0.5mpa, it is necessary to consider using metal expansion joints or non-metallic rubber expansion joints instead.


How to amount the non-metallic expansion joints?


1. The flange bolts should be tightened gradually and uniformly, and the tightness of the bolts should be as consistent as possible. In the case of harsh conditions, a weak spring washer can be added in addition to the flat washer to prevent the nut from loosening.


2. The corresponding rubber asbestos gasket should be used first according to the working temperature between the expansion joint and the matching flat welding flange.


3. During the trial run, the limit screw of the expansion joint should be properly adjusted to facilitate the extension or compression of the product.


4. When the welded pipe is connected, the limit screw should be properly loosened to prevent the limit plate of the expansion joint from being bent or the product deformed.


5. During the welding operation, it is used as a cover to cover the surface of the rubber (fabric) to prevent welding slag from damaging the product.

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Post time: Dec-13-2022