How to choose suitable high temperature resistant flexible air duct?

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The high temperature resistant air duct is a kind of air duct used for ventilation and exhaust from the use of high temperature resistant pipes. It is a kind of positive and negative pressure air ducts, air ducts, and exhaust systems in the application field of high temperature resistance or high temperature resistance. -60 degrees ~ 900 degrees, the diameter of 38 ~ 1000MM, various specifications can be customized according to demand.
So how to choose a suitable high temperature air duct according to your needs?What are the high temperature ranges?


Choose a suitable high temperature air duct according to your needs:


1. Polyvinyl chloride telescopic air ducts are generally used in harsh working environments such as machine rooms, basements, tunnels, municipal pipeline engineering, mechanical shipbuilding engineering, mining ventilation equipment, fire smoke exhaust, etc., for smoking and dust removal.


2. Aluminum foil ventilation pipes are used to guide hot and cold air, high temperature exhaust gas discharge, vehicle layer air discharge, constant temperature gas delivery, high temperature drying air discharge, plastic industry particle drying air discharge, printing machinery, hair dryers and compressors; engine heating, etc. Mechanical ventilation exhaust. With temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical, exhaust gas and other exhaust hoses; strong flame retardancy.


3. PP telescopic air ducts are mainly used for industrial, household air conditioners, exhaust, air supply, solder smoking in electronics factories, directional exhaust at the end of factory air supply, exhaust, bathroom exhaust, etc.


4. High temperature resistant clamping telescopic air ducts are used for occasions where flame retardant hoses are required; for solids such as dust, powder ends, fibers, etc.; for gaseous media such as steam and flue gas; for industrial dust removal and exhaust stations, smoke Gas emissions, blast furnace exhaust emissions and welding gas emissions; corrugated hoses as compensators; various machinery, aircraft, automobile exhaust emissions of flue gas, dust, high temperature moisture, etc.

5. High temperature resistant red silicone hose is used for ventilation, smoke, moisture and dust, as well as high temperature moisture gas. For directing hot and cold air, pellet desiccants for the plastics industry, dedusting and extraction plants, heating discharges, blast furnace discharges and welding discharges.

6.Pu air ducts are used for the absorption and transportation of food and beverages. Especially suitable for the transportation of abrasive food materials such as grains, sugar, feed, flour, etc. For wear protection tubes, usually used in absorption applications, especially suitable for wear solids such as gas and liquid media, such as dust, powder, fibers, debris and particles. For industrial vacuum cleaners, paper or fabric fiber vacuum cleaners. As a wear-resistant protective tube, it can be used to transport water-based foods with an alcohol content of not more than 20%, and can also be used to transport oily foods. Embedded static discharge.

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What are the high temperature resistance ranges of high temperature resistant air ducts?


1. Aluminum foil high temperature air duct


The aluminum foil telescopic air duct is made of single-layer or double-layer aluminum foil, aluminum foil and glass fiber cloth, and has elastic steel wire;


2. Nylon cloth air duct


The temperature resistance is 130 Celsius

degrees, and it is made of nylon cloth with steel wire inside, also known as three-proof cloth duct or canvas duct.


3. PVC telescopic ventilation hose


The temperature resistance is 130 Celsius degrees, and the PVC telescopic ventilation hose is made of PVC mesh cloth with steel wire.


4. Silicone high temperature air duct


Silica gel high temperature air duct is made of silica gel and glass fiber with inner steel wire, also known as red high temperature resistant hose.


5. High temperature resistant cloth expansion and contraction duct


The interlayer telescopic air duct has high temperature resistance of 400 Celsius degrees, 600 Celsius degrees and 900 Celsius degrees. It is a high temperature resistant telescopic air duct clamped by glass fiber coated cloth and galvanized steel or stainless steel belts. Different materials are used in different temperature resistance ranges, and the manufacturing processes are also different.

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