Which is the best exhaust pipe for a range hood?

Flexible Aluminum foil air duct (5)The range hood is one of the most commonly used household appliances in the kitchen. In addition to paying attention to the body of the range hood, there is another place that cannot be ignored, and that is the exhaust pipe of the range hood. According to the material, the exhaust pipe is mainly divided into two types, one is plastic, and the other is aluminum foil. Choosing a good exhaust pipe for the range hood is the guarantee for the future use of the range hood. Then, the exhaust pipe for the range hood Should you choose plastic or aluminum foil?
1. From the price point of view

Usually, the aluminum foil tube is made of soft aluminum foil, and then it is supported by a circle of steel wires inside, which is higher than the plastic tube in terms of cost and difficulty of production.

2. Judging from the degree of heating

Many people think that aluminum foil will not burn, but plastic is flammable, and the heat level is only 120 degrees, far less than aluminum foil. But in fact, this is enough for the oil fume of the range hood, so whether it is an aluminum foil tube or a plastic tube, there is no problem in exhausting the oil fume.

3. From the perspective of service life

Although both the aluminum foil tube and the plastic tube can be used for decades, strictly speaking, the aluminum foil tube is not easy to age and has a longer service life than the plastic tube.
4. From the perspective of ease of installation and maintenance

The front and rear joints of the plastic tube are twisted, which is very convenient to disassemble, which is much stronger than the aluminum foil tube. In addition, the aluminum foil tube is easier to be scratched, so it is better to take some protective measures when piercing the hole, while the plastic tube does not need it, and it will be easier to install.

5. In terms of aesthetics

One of the characteristics of the aluminum foil tube is that it is opaque. Even if there is a lot of oil smoke in it, it is invisible, but the plastic tube is transparent. After a long time, there will be a lot of dirt in the smoke tube, which looks very unsightly.

6, from the noise point of view

This is also very important for range hoods. Usually, the aluminum foil tube is softer, while the plastic tube is relatively hard, so in the process of ventilation, the noise of the aluminum foil will be relatively small, and it is not easy to smell when exhausting smoke. .

From this comparison, the following conclusions can be drawn:

Heat resistance: aluminum foil tube > plastic tube

Use effect: aluminum foil tube = plastic tube

Aesthetics: aluminum foil tube > plastic tube

Installation: aluminum foil tube < plastic tube

In general, aluminum foil tubes are slightly better than plastic tubes, but you still need to choose according to the actual situation when purchasing.

Post time: Sep-19-2022