Aluminum foil acoustic air duct

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Aluminum foil acoustic air duct is designed for new air system or HVAC system, applied at the room ends. Because this acoustic air duct can greatly reduce the mechanical noise made by boosters, fans or air conditioners and the wind noise made by the air flow in the pipeline; So that the rooms can keep quiet and comfortable when the new air system or HVAC system is on. An acoustic air duct is a must for these systems.

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Inner pipe: Aluminum foil flexible duct with micro-perforation in pipe wall and reinforced by bead wire helix. (The pitch of the helix is 25mm makes the inner surface of the duct much smoother and the resistance to air flow is smaller.).
Barrier layer: polyester film or non-woven fabric(if insulated with polyester cotton, then there is no barrier layer.), this barrier layer is for keeping the tiny glass wool away from the clean air inside the duct.
Insulation layer: Glass wool/polyester cotton.
Jacket: PVC coated mesh cloth(seamed with butt fusion), or laminated Aluminum foil, or Composite PVC &AL foil pipe.
End opening: assembled with collar + end cap.
Connection method: clamp


Thickness of glass wool 25-30mm
Density of glass wool 20-32kg/mᶟ
Duct diameter range 2"-20"
Duct length 0.5m/0.8m/1m/1.5m/2m/3m


Pressure Rating ≤1500Pa
Temperature range -20℃~+100℃


The inner pipe is well-designed with scientific and acoustic knowledge, tested and verified with thousands times of experiments. These enable it good noise reduction performance. And it can be easily installed due to its flexibility.

Our flexible acoustic air duct is customized according to clients’ technical requirements and different application environments. And the flexible acoustic air duct can be cut into the length needed and with collars to both ends. If with PVC sleeve, we can make them with customers’ favourite color. In order to make our flexible acoustic air duct good quality and longer service life, we are using laminated aluminum foil instead of aluminized foil, copperized or galvanized bead steel wire instead of normal coated steel wire, and so for any materials we applied. We make our efforts on any details for improving quality because we do care our end users health and experience in using our products.

Applicable occasions

New-air ventilation system; end part of central air conditioning system for offices, apartments,hospitals,hotels,library and industrial buildings.

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