Flexible Silicone Cloth air duct

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Flexible Silicone Cloth air duct is designed for ventilation systems enduring high temperature and high pressure. The Flexible Silicone Cloth air duct has good heat resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance function and can bear high pressure; Flexible Silicone Cloth air duct can be used in corrosive, hot and high pressure environment. And the flexibility of the duct brings easy installation in crowded space.

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It is made of Silicone cloth, which are spirally wound around high elastic steel wire.


Thickness of silicone cloth 0.30-0.55mm
Wire diameter Ф0.96-Ф1.4mm
Wire pitch 18-36mm
Duct diameter range Over 2"
 Standard duct length 10m
Colour orange


Pressure Rating ≤5000Pa(ordinary), ≤10000Pa(reinforced), ≤50000Pa(Heavy-duty)
Temperature range -40℃~+260℃


Description Product from DACO Product on market
Bendability Good flexibility, high elastic steel wire support, does not affect the effective ventilation area when bending Poor flexibility, easy to form dead bends, affecting the ventilation area
Scalability Compression ratio of 5:1, flexible expansion and contraction, each length can exceed 10 meters Poor compressibility, almost incapable of expansion and contraction, each length generally does not exceed 4 meters

Our flexible Silicone Cloth air duct is customized according to clients’ technical requirements and different application environments. And the flexible Silicone Cloth air duct can be cut into the length needed. In order to make our flexible air duct good quality and longer service life, we are using eco-friendly silicone cloth, copperized or galvanized bead steel wire instead of normal coated steel wire, and so for any materials we applied. We make our efforts on any details for improving quality because we do care our end users health and experience in using our products.

Applicable occasions

Medium and high pressure ventilation and exhaust occasions; high temperature occasions; tough environments with corrosion, abrasion and high temperature in industrial facilities.

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